Kahuzi Biega Welcomes Gorillas to the Bamboo Forest

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This time of year is the rainy season in Kahuzi Biega National Park. It coincides with the movements of Eastern lowland gorillas to the bamboo forest areas. Bamboo shoots are the preferred food for lowland gorillas together with myrianthus, a local fruit growing within the park.

November to December is a special time, as visitors can see the whole family of gorillas together eating bamboo shoots. At other times of the year the family is more widely dispersed in search of food. Added to this the bamboo forest is located close to the main of the park. This means that it you can currently reach the gorilla family after walking for only 5-20 minutes.

Take advantage of this special time of year and come and visit the gorillas at Kahuzi Biega National Park.

For more information contact us by clicking here or email info@kahuzi-biega.org.

3 responses to “Kahuzi Biega Welcomes Gorillas to the Bamboo Forest

  1. I think it’is in highland, no bamboo in lowland of KBNP. Thanks

    • Hi Balezi
      We are so happy to receive your comment on our blog keep reading it we need your comment because it helps us improve.
      As said earlier there is no tourism organized currently in gthe lowland sector of the Park, but our species of gorillas are ‘the easternlowland gorillas

  2. Isidore KIKUKAMA

    Ojf course yes we are speaking about the higland sector there is no tourism organised in the lowland sector currently balezi . But our gorillas are the sub species of eastern lowland gorillas . Thanks for your interest to our blog

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