the arrival of Dr. Jane Godall a lwiro

the arrival of Dr. Jane Godall a lwiro

The Ambassador of chimpanzees Dr. Jane Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, was positively surprised by conservation efforts in National Park Kahuzi Biega. After two unsuccessful attempts to visit the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Jane Goodall has finally landed in eastern Congo where she had the opportunity to visit the Centre for Rehabilitation of Primates Lwiro (CRPL), a sanctuary of Primates managed by ICCN in collaboration with the Spanish NGO COOPERA.This sanctuary is supposed to be the first in Africa through its current infrastructure which hosts 12 cercopithecus hamlini, one cercopithecuse Allen, 14 cercopithecus ascanius  14 baboons, 13 small chimpanzee and 35 chimpanzee including 20 females and 15 males survivor of poaching that has occurred during war in eastern RDC.

The doctor visit the sanctuary

The doctor visit the sanctuary

She has approved satisfaction seeing rescued animal in good health and in semi captivity of these new infrastructure. She has simply qualified these three institutions as heroes of conservation.After she has visited technical and scientific station of Tshivanga in aim to greet guards. On this occasion, she was awarded the medal of ecological merit on behalf of the General Director of the ICCN Dr. Pasteur Cosma and of the Chief Director of the Park.This is what she wrote in the gold guest book of PNKB: “This is my first time to visit this beautiful park. I regret thus not having enough time to stay longer in the park and to enjoy the fresh air of the beautiful landscape of the park and to visit all its wonders including

A family Photo with some guards at Tshivanga technical scientific station

A family Photo with some guards at Tshivanga technical scientific station

gorillas, chimpanzees and other animals. Now that you honor me with the medal and many other gifts as a memorial and souvenir while I was visiting PNKB,I will come back. Jane Goodall. “She added that she is not the hero, heroes are Eco guards who scarify their lives for the lives of these primates.Those who believe that the Kahuzi-Biega National Park is not worth visiting, should live experience of Jane Goodall: Come, see and judge later. Kahuzi-Biega National Park is and remains of a great interest still; this presence of the ambassador is a great proof.

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