Saved from the hands of poachers, the baby chimpanzee “Kimia” found refuge at Lwiro primate rehabilitation centre.

texte du site web Un bébé chimpanzé sauvé d - ENSince Democratic Republic of Congo’s deadly civil war, its fauna and flora has yet to experience a moment of peace – from the devastation of its forests to the trafficking of baby chimpanzees. Recently a baby chimp of about 2 years of age was confiscated from poachers in Bili Uele protected area complex in Orentale Procince by Bernard Lyomi, director of ICCN for Bili Uiele. With the authorization of the ICCN Director General Dr. Cosma Wulingula, this orphan was transferred to Lwiro’s rehabilitation centre of chimpanzees (CRPL) based near Kahuzi-Biega National Park on Tuesday, 16th of March, under the supervisor of Doctor Kizito Kakule and CRPL’s manager, Ms. Itsaso from the Spanish NGO COOPERA. We would like to thank US-GRASP and MONUSCO for providing the transport and logistics to bring the baby chimp to the sanctuary where it will be given care and the best chance of survival. Upon the arrival at the centre, the chimp was kept separately from other groups and under medical observation of Dr. Linda before integrating it into its new family of other baby chimpanzees.

texte du site web Un bébé chimpanzé sauvé d - ENg

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