The park is famous for being the only place in the world to see a wild Eastern Lowland Gorilla. But the many ecosystems and large size of Kahuzi Biega NP means that it has an abundance of wildlife. Other primates include the Chimpanzee, Colobus Monkey and Owl Faced Monkey and Elephants, buffalo, antelope and leopards are also present in the park. There are a further 69 species of reptiles and 44 species of amphibians.

A rich diversity of birdlife is found within the park. Thirty of the 336 species birds found in the park are endemic to the Albertine Rift, including the Rockefeller’s sunbird, Ruwenzori Turaco, Grauer’s broadbill, Grauer’s warbler and Shelley’s crimsonwing. Birds play an important role in dispersing seeds throughout the park. Some species digest and excrete the seed, allowing seedlings to be spread far from the parent tree.

The hot, humid temperature in the lowland region is also ideal for insects that decompose plant material. A single leaf on the forest floor can be “digested” in only two months. Ants and termites alone account for more than 30% of the total biomass in a tropical forest.

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