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New Prices!

Recently, the KBNP received great news from the ICCN headquarters in Kinshasa; its request for a new price schedule, based on a large market research study carried out last year, was approved and could be put in place immediately.

We therefore have the pleasure of presenting our new prices, which not only offer reductions for gorilla permits for Congolese nationals, expatriates and nationals of CEPGL, EAC and SADC member countries, students and children, but also attractive prices for hiking, mountain ascents and camping. In an effort to encourage people to come regularly and discover the many attractions of our park, we also offer loyalty cards for hiking. We hope to see you soon!




  • Foreigners: Present a valid visa for DR Congo
  • Students: Present a valid student card.
  • Expatriates and nationals of CEPGL, EAC and SADC member countries: Present passport or residence, working or courtesy visa from a member country

CEPGL (Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries)                           EAC (East Africa Community)                                                                                   SADC (Southern African Development Community)

Minimum Total Charge: No activity can be offered to an individual or a group until the minimum charge has been reached. 

Hiking Loyalty Cards: Hiking Loyalty Cards are only valid for the trails listed under “Hiking”, as well as further trails once they have been developed. The cards are sold at the KBNP office in Bukavu and at the Tshivanga Visitor Centre. Once purchased, please present your card at the Visitor Centre before your hike to receive a stamp.

Children: aged 15 to 17 for gorilla permits, and 10 to 17 for hiking and mountain ascents. Children younger than said ages will not be permitted to participate.


Please contact us should you wish to make a reservation or make an enquiry

+243 99 309 6120 (Français)
+243 99 725 4296 (English)
+243 99 522 1368 (Chef de Site Adjoint)
+243 99 967 7078 (Programme d’Appui GIZ)