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Ibanga the capital of Bakondjo

Ibanga the capital of Bakondjo

The actual involvement of local communities living at the peripheries of the Park in the governance of natural resources is a top priority for Natural Park Kahuzi-Biega (PNKB). This aspect is particularly emphasized in the implementation of the second phase related to general management plan of the Park (2012 – 2014). The following recommendations, made ​​at the moment of the evaluation of the first phase of the Management Plan, illustrate a concern to preserve and protect for, by and with local communities.

It concerns :

–          Develop, together with the provincial authorities and local populations of PNKB, development plans through customary leadership, as part of the Provincial Priority Plan and as consolidation of the decentralization process.

–          Strengthen the involvement of customary authorities – as first conservators – in awareness rising campaigns among people living in the periphery of PNKB.

–          Strengthen visibility actions with populations concerning supports of PNKB related to their development.

The workshop's establishment of the CCGC at Ibanga

The workshop’s establishment of the CCGC at Ibanga

–          Develop income-generating activities in the household approach and in promising sectors.

–          Orient communautaries conservation activities in aim to create linkage with targets of conservation.

–          Conduct baseline studies bringing out indices of the level of basic needs of the communities, and serving to gauge to the contribution of the actions of the park to improve the life conditions of these communities.

–          Retain the guiding principle related to awareness rising camping and communication, which simply consider conservation as a socio-economic and political option that one society adopts a given period.

–          Regarding awareness rising themes, it is important to choose them with community members according to the results of Survey, the attempt impact and in aim to make a feedback.

The head of Group of Bakondjo signed the Act of engagement

The head of Group of Bakondjo signed the Act of engagement

This approach has started in chieftaincy of Kabare, and it is intensified in all decentralized entities at the border of the park. The second beneficiary was Bakano group. Today a focus is made on Bakondjo group in the same sector.   During 14 days, with technical and financial support from Kahuzi-Biega National Park, local populations have defined not only the mandate of their advisory body of environmental management and development, they have also developed and signed an act of commitment to this process. We thank UNESCO, le PACEBCO and la Fauna and Flora International for technical and financial support they bring to this process of PNKB.

A family photo of after the workshop of the establishment of the CCGC in Bakondjo group

A family photo after the workshop of the establishment of the CCGC in Bakondjo group




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Population along the National Park Kahuzi-Biega prove their involvement in the governance of natural resources of this site.

  a Duiker in the cage

a Duiker in the cage

It is half past twelve, a delegation of population from village CIRHAJE of group BUGORHE arrives at headquarters of site Tshivanga bringing a duiker. Park managers approach them and ask for the provenance of this animal. The head of delegation replies:“One woman was cultivating her field when suddenly she perceived antelope behind her. Instead of alerting the entire village, she ran to report it to the secretary of the community conservation committee (one collaborative structure park-population) who decided to go immediately on site and to mobilize others in aim to catch the beast. Once caught, the population informeddirectly the park which descended on the fieldto retrieve the animal.One old man is questioned about his mobilization to render animal to the parkand he merelyrespond:« conservation and management of natural resources of this park is a matter of all of us. We cannot address similar case without informing our neighbor – the park. Although, why we have signed the convention of collaboration with it? »The Park is happy about this act, which proves that sensitization has entered into the soul and that local communities are appropriating the governance of natural resources of Park. After analysis of veterinary of PNKB, there is no danger of releasing the animal in the nature. That has been done.

the guards park assisted by veterinary doctor leave out the Duiker in the forest bush

the guards park assisted by veterinary doctor leave out the Duiker in the forest bush

Kahuzi Biega National Park experiments the CGCC (a french acronym meaning: management council for the community conservation) in the neighboring territory of Kabare.

The membre of  C.G.C.C are on workshop

The member of C.G.C.C are on workshop

Considering a number of weaknesses picked out and observed during different census made up on the lifetime of the “CCC”, the French acronym meaningComity of community conservation” among which the lack of the result impact on the intervention area spread in different community groupments, apart from that different action undertaken by CCCs on the field where not recorded in the action plans of collectivity neither for the provincial.
Luck of bottom up information as well as among CCCs members.

the warden Mr Radar NISHULI speak about the Park

the chief warden Mr Radar NISHULI speak about the Park

In the national community conservation strategy, it was clearly showed up that it was necessary to create a CGCC which will stands for monitoring the CCCs activities and being the linking point with stake holders in the high level. The CGCC in Kabare territory will be composed by political and administration authorities, owner of land such as the chief of the collectivity and heads of groupments. The gender issue will be taken into account in the composition of this structure.  The aim of this new structure is to ensure definitely that development activities implemented by the parks authorities meet the real need of local folks a also falls in the developments plan as scheduled by the authorities. In this way Kahuzi Biega national Park is joining step by step the decentralization approach currently advocated by the DRCongo authorities.A two days workshop was organized to this end from the 27th to 28thmarch 2012 in the building of Kamole high school in Kabare territory. The workshop was attended by his majesty Kabare the owner of land, the territory administrator local association for development representatives and of course Kahuzi Biega Staff. Once in place the management council for the community conservation should have among its main role, provide a support in the processes of elaboration of the development plan of Kabare with a special accent on the environment protection, work for the research of fund for the Kabare development activities, implement a coherent system for the evaluation of development plan for Kabare as well as the creation of a synergy gathering different actors intervening in the development and conservation domain in Kabare land .

the member of C.G.C.C are on worhshop

the member of C.G.C.C are on workshop

Apart from administrative and customs authorities the CGCC will be composed by members coming from 14 CCCs existing in Kabare after election of course. Participants have two weeks to set up the management council for the community conservation.Kabare territory is the first experience to this new approach, the park authorities are planning to extend   the same approach to five other sectors surrounding the Park, namely: Tshivanga, Kasese, Itebero, Nzovu et Lulingu.Kahuzi Biega national park a world heritage site managers has started involving surrounding communities in the process of natural resources more than 20 years ago through different communities’ conservation committees.  Currently Kahuzi Biega national park , a world heritage site is seeking for  any support intending to enable the site  to improve the relationship with the surrounding communities and local folk.