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Work underway on developing park trails

Mt Kahuzi

Although most famous for its Grauer’s gorillas, the Kahuzi Biega National Park has much more to offer visitors than gorilla tourism. Our network of trails give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the park’s huge diversity of landscapes, including tropical forests, bamboo forests, swamps and waterfalls, as well as possibilities of spotting birds, monkeys and countless other animal and plant species. There are also opportunities to climb our two highest peaks, Kahuzi (3,308 m) and Biega (2,704 m), to get magnificent views of park, Lake Kivu, the mountain range and even Goma.

The trails are at the moment fairly basic, used mainly by our guards for patrolling the forest and tracking the gorillas. However, work is now underway to prepare trails with health and safety as a priority, thus providing opportunities for people of all ages and fitness levels to explore the park.

Infrastructure is still basic but construction is now underway to improve safety

Take a well earned rest at the first Tshibati waterfall

The trails currently under construction include the Mont Bugulumiza Trail, near the Tshivanga Visitor Centre and covering terrain regularly occupied by the Chimanuka gorilla family, the Marais Musisi Trail, which takes in bamboo forests and the swamp and offers an stunning view over the Marais Musisi where one of our guides recently spotted a troupe of elephants, and the Tshibati Waterfalls Trail, which offers three magnificent waterfalls, a chance for a dip in a plungepool, and located near the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre. We also hope to open the Mont Kahuzi Trail a little later this year, with possibilities of camping near the summit.

Entrance to the bamboo forest on the Marais Musisi Trail

The trails are expected to be completed within the next 2-3 months, but adventurous visitors are more than welcome to try them already.