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Première parade générale du nouveau chef de site du P N K B

Lundi, 12/09/2016 le nouveau chef de Site du PNKB, le Directeur Lucien Gédéon LOKUMU accompagné de ses deux Adjoints, le conservateur en chef NKULU KALALA Edmond ( en charge de l’administration ) et le conservateur en chef KISANGANI M. Gentil (en charge de la lutte anti-braconnage) a tenu une parade spéciale au quartier général de Tshivanga en présence des cadres techniques, scientifiques et administratifs.
Lors de cette parade le Directeur de site a livré sa vision de travail quant à la gestion du parc permettant d’atteindre les objectifs lui assignés
Le Directeur a insisté sur la mission principale des cadres techniques chargés de la lutte anti-braconnage (LAB), celle d’assurer l’intégrité du parc et d’accroitre la couverture des patrouilles, tout en insistant sur la bonne collaboration , le respect de la chaine de commandement , la discipline, l’esprit du travail bien fait et pour préserver le PNKB contre ses prédateurs véreux et protéger sa riche biodiversité.
Nous sollicitons tous les amis du PNKB à continuer à appuyer d’une manière ou d’une autre les efforts déployés en vue de la sauvegarde de ce bien de l’humanité tout entière en général et de sa biodiversité en particulier.


Saved from the hands of poachers, the baby chimpanzee “Kimia” found refuge at Lwiro primate rehabilitation centre.

texte du site web Un bébé chimpanzé sauvé d - ENSince Democratic Republic of Congo’s deadly civil war, its fauna and flora has yet to experience a moment of peace – from the devastation of its forests to the trafficking of baby chimpanzees. Recently a baby chimp of about 2 years of age was confiscated from poachers in Bili Uele protected area complex in Orentale Procince by Bernard Lyomi, director of ICCN for Bili Uiele. With the authorization of the ICCN Director General Dr. Cosma Wulingula, this orphan was transferred to Lwiro’s rehabilitation centre of chimpanzees (CRPL) based near Kahuzi-Biega National Park on Tuesday, 16th of March, under the supervisor of Doctor Kizito Kakule and CRPL’s manager, Ms. Itsaso from the Spanish NGO COOPERA. We would like to thank US-GRASP and MONUSCO for providing the transport and logistics to bring the baby chimp to the sanctuary where it will be given care and the best chance of survival. Upon the arrival at the centre, the chimp was kept separately from other groups and under medical observation of Dr. Linda before integrating it into its new family of other baby chimpanzees.

texte du site web Un bébé chimpanzé sauvé d - ENg

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Ecological award for retired staff from Kahuzi Biega National park World heritage site

The retired staff waiting for their collations

The retired staff waiting for their collations

The institutional reforms continue its way inside the Congolese park authorities, ICCC.
One of the shutters of this reform was retirement of the growing old employees.In the first wave of the retired staff , 20 heroics guards who deserve rest after more than 30 years of honest services including the protection of gorillas in this World heritage site.With the support of the retirement program, PAR-ICCN from the European Union, the ICCN had just had an envelope allowing him to support the payment of some eligible agents for the retirement.

A ranger ready to be awarded gives honors to the chief warden

A ranger ready to be awarded gives honors to the chief warden

This Sunday on December 11th , 2011; on behalf of the General Director of the ICCN, Pasteur Cosma WILUNGULA, chief warden of KBNP, Mr. Radar NISHULI has organized a cheerful ceremony of handing-over of the certificates service termination, coupled of ecological medal of merit, toward the recipients accompanied by their wives. The retirement is a legitimate right for somebody who served honestly the nation said the Chief Warden. Leaving the service honorifically with the sign of recognition from your employer should be the aspiration each one of us who are still under Congolese Park Authority contract.

Ecological medal held in the neck of the ranger

Ecological medal held in the neck of the ranger

There are still other agents eligible to the retirement but who did not benefit from this honorifically ceremony due to the lack of funds which must cover their final calculation.We launch an appeal toward all individual and organization with goodwill who can help us overcome this challenge, to assist us by providing support which can cover the retirement fees of other eligible staff remaining , as well as to support the renewal of the staff , please contact us to :

Work underway on developing park trails

Mt Kahuzi

Although most famous for its Grauer’s gorillas, the Kahuzi Biega National Park has much more to offer visitors than gorilla tourism. Our network of trails give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the park’s huge diversity of landscapes, including tropical forests, bamboo forests, swamps and waterfalls, as well as possibilities of spotting birds, monkeys and countless other animal and plant species. There are also opportunities to climb our two highest peaks, Kahuzi (3,308 m) and Biega (2,704 m), to get magnificent views of park, Lake Kivu, the mountain range and even Goma.

The trails are at the moment fairly basic, used mainly by our guards for patrolling the forest and tracking the gorillas. However, work is now underway to prepare trails with health and safety as a priority, thus providing opportunities for people of all ages and fitness levels to explore the park.

Infrastructure is still basic but construction is now underway to improve safety

Take a well earned rest at the first Tshibati waterfall

The trails currently under construction include the Mont Bugulumiza Trail, near the Tshivanga Visitor Centre and covering terrain regularly occupied by the Chimanuka gorilla family, the Marais Musisi Trail, which takes in bamboo forests and the swamp and offers an stunning view over the Marais Musisi where one of our guides recently spotted a troupe of elephants, and the Tshibati Waterfalls Trail, which offers three magnificent waterfalls, a chance for a dip in a plungepool, and located near the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre. We also hope to open the Mont Kahuzi Trail a little later this year, with possibilities of camping near the summit.

Entrance to the bamboo forest on the Marais Musisi Trail

The trails are expected to be completed within the next 2-3 months, but adventurous visitors are more than welcome to try them already.