To the Park
KBNP is located 40 km west of Bukavu. It takes approximately 1 to 1½ hours to drive from Bukavu to the entrance of the park depending on traffic. Follow the road heading towards Kavumu Airport and turn left at the intersection in the town of Miti. Keep driving straight until you reach the Tschivanga visitor centre.

The easiest way to get around is by using one of the several tour operators currently offering the Kahuzi-Biega National Park. However, should you wish to organise transport yourself, a couple of options exist.

Hotel Transport
A few of the hotels will organise transport to Tshivanga visitor centre for you. This will generally cost between USD 120-150. Make sure to enquire in advance.

4WD Vehicle Rental
Vehicles will usually cost about USD 150, fuel inclusive, for one day excursions to Tshivanga and the surroundings, and USD 170 for trips to Lwiro. The following offer reliable transport services

  • Alain Chisugi: Tel: +24381353222, +243998668282, +250785503171, Email:
  • Pacifique Baderh (ODASOV): Tel: +243997746485, Email:,
  • Jeanine Muganuza: Tel: +243853710789, +243997716245
  • Christophe: Tel: +243998623646

Taxis can usually be found at the border or arranged from hotels. Expect to pay between USD50-60 for a return trip to Tshivanga visitor centre. Enquire about the conditions of the roads for any other excursions.

To Bukavu
By Road: You can reach Bukavu by bus or by car from Rwanda via the Cyangungu border, from Burundi via the Uvira border, and from Goma via the road along Lake Kivu (check latest security information for the latter).
By Boat: Several operators travel daily between Goma and Bukavu, with tickets for rapid boats (2 hours) costing on average USD 50 and slower but larger boats (6 hours) costing between USD 8-25. Tickets can be bought at the ports in Goma and Bukavu and it is recommended that you get these at least one day in advance.
By Air: The easiest way to reach Bukavu by air is to fly domestically from Kigali to Kamembe which is the Rwandan town that borders Bukavu. Rwandair flies daily from Kigali to Kamembe (

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